Bring your business back to life

A truly great motivational speaker encourages you to reach your full psychological and economic potential.

Stavroula (Stav) Zandes remembers the day an elderly man rang the Quitline, distraught his wife had just had a heart attack. “I’ve caused this!” he sobbed, explaining his wife’s condition was a result of passive smoking  – and he was the smoker of the house.

Stav has been at the coalface of helping those whose lives have been devastated through habits such as smoking and gambling addiction.

She now draws on her psychology background to show businesses how to transform their teams and reverse the effects of poor lifestyle choices.

There’s no denying it; employee wellbeing has a direct impact on the bottom line. Sick people mean a sick business.

Workplace stress and illness lead to plummeting productivity, soaring absenteeism, a boom in compensation claims and workers who seek escape in lifestyle behaviours like alcohol abuse, drugs and over-eating.

Stav knows many business leaders focus on profits, and not the wellbeing of their people. The savvy ones, who recognise the importance of employee wellness, reap the rewards of an energised, committed and more productive team.

She’s seen the results first-hand. Through her health and wellbeing programs, Stav has helped hundreds of workers to quit smoking, manage stress, lose weight and improve their work-life balance.

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Little steps, lifelong strides

Many workers are facing critical health issues due to long-term habits and lifestyle choices – and the effect on workplaces is dramatic. Stav shares practical and achievable steps to making a lifelong difference to health. The results for individuals and businesses are astounding! She covers:

  • The power of personal habits
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Life transformation happens one step at a time
  • Specific issues including nutrition, physical activity, stress, mindfulness, quitting tobacco and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

A resilient business is a thriving business

With research showing the societal costs of depression linked to job strain in Australia is more than $730 million, businesses must invest in their people now or risk imploding. Stav shares how to bring a business back to life through a culture of positive lifestyle behaviour.

She teaches participants how to take themselves on “lifestyle dates”, and shares insights that build robust mental health for a thriving workplace.

The facts

  • 2010 research showed 96 per cent of working Australians had at least one chronic disease risk factor – smoking, alcohol misuse, lack of physical activity or unhealthy weight (AIHW, 2010).
  • For every dollar spent on employee wellbeing programs, businesses save an average of $5.81 (Chapman, 2007) – imagine what that amount would be in today’s money!
  • 72 per cent of employers who take part in workplace programs, believe health and productivity improves (Medibank Private, 2012).

Real-life results

One of Stav’s workshop participants was adamant he wasn’t going to quit smoking – but by the end he had committed to cutting down.

A participant told Stav he had decided to stop playing computer games and spend more time with his daughter. She hadn’t even discussed computer games in her presentation – but her message triggered a choice for positive change.

Another person said; “I joined a gym on Monday and have attended twice this week and are hoping to make it again tonight if I am feeling better.  I feel you have given me the motivation I needed to get started and I am excited!”

What audiences say

“Stav is able to inspire people and deliver information and behaviour change education training clearly, inclusively and insightfully.”

“The format, content and delivery of Stav’s presentation were excellent.”

“Very well delivered – relevant information and practical strategies to implement.”

“I recommend Stav, the techniques/skills she brings together with her ability to work successfully and collaboratively with organisations who have a variety of needs.”

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