It is well documented that schools play an important role in facilitating and supporting students to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles. Schools are in a key position to provide students with prevention based programs providing education and support to young people to achieve and improve their health, development and wellbeing.

Through problem solving and decision making, students are empowered to make choices that can lead them to living a more productive and fulfilling life for years to come.

Smoking prevention programs work

In line with a systematic review published in The Cochrane Library* (Thomas et al 2013), smoking prevention programs in schools reduce uptake and significantly reduce the number of young people who will later become daily smokers.

For young people who have never smoked, these programs appear to be effective at least one year after implementation. In particular, programs that teach young people to be socially competent and to resist social pressures to smoke are linked to a significant effect in preventing smoking in young people who had never smoked at the time of the intervention.

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* The Cochrane library is part of the Cochrane Collaboration which provides the best evidence for health care. Their work is internationally recognised as the benchmark for high quality information about the effectiveness of health care.