In previous posts, we’ve shared with you the benefits of regular meditation as well as some tips to help you get started. This included blocking out some uninterrupted time and focusing on your breath.

In this post, I’m sharing with you my personal experience. It was part of a 30 day meditation challenge to help me meditate on a daily basis.

The outcomes?

Being very well aware of the benefits, I wanted meditation to be part of my daily routine and decided to participate in Tuja Wellness’ 30-Day Meditation Challenge*.

Previously, any meditation I performed was very ad hoc – sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon and other times, just before bed.

But on the 6th day of the challenge, I intentionally made time for it. I actually spent an additional 10 minutes sitting in silence – something I have never done before.

Within just a few days of my more structured meditation practice I was feeling calmer, in greater control and more relaxed. In particular, I noticed that I handled stressful moments with greater peace and grace.

I have also used deep breathing when I’ve struggled with work and have had to make some important business decisions.

Through my daily meditation practice, I have become more accepting of my decisions and their outcomes, and overall feel much more engaged, energised and productive.

What do I recommend?

I encourage you to give meditation a go. Start small by taking some time out for 5 minutes or so, and focus on your breath.

Meditation experts recommend meditating 15 to 30 minutes per day, but even a 5 or 10 minute meditation practice is better than not meditating at all.

Once you have found a meditation practice that works for you, try and meditate at the same time every day and if possible for the same amount of time.

The benefits that you will gain in both the short and long term will be worth the time you have spent just ‘being’.

Still struggling?

If you’re not ready just yet, or are not sure you can carve out some time to meditate, being mindful is another way to get started. Try focusing on the present moment and what you’re doing and feeling, without allowing your mind to wander.

Alternatively, there are many guided meditations available online that you can download. Some are available free, and others at a small cost.

Try to also remind yourself throughout the day to pause and focus on your breath. This can be done anywhere and without having to close your eyes.

We hope you enjoyed this post and until next time, wish you all great health and wellbeing!

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