Professional Resilience Training for Organisations

Help your staff learn to develop their resilience – to adjust, recover and rise in the face of adversity

Developing resilience is a useful skill for the workplace setting. Resilience as defined by the Australian Psychological Society, is the “ability to recover from adversity, to keep calm in the face of difficulty and to solve problems. It is the ability to manage your own emotions and remain aware of the emotions of others… It is self‑awareness and knowing your own values, strengths and weaknesses. It’s being able to reflect on situations and take a balanced view” (McDonald, 2014).

Organisations who have resilient employees have more positive outcomes. Their staff are engaged, cooperative and flexible. Their motivation and job satisfaction increases and their overall mental health improves. As a result, there is increased productivity and reduced presenteeism, absenteeism and staff burn out and turnover (McDonald, 2014).

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What do previous participants say about our half day and one day training in professional resilience?

“I learnt a lot about the models and frameworks. The information was practical and can easily be applied to everyday life and work practices.”

“Engaging, evidence based presentation.”

“As someone who has experienced significant burn out and increased anxiety in my first year of work, this has been incredibly beneficial as I now feel prepared with tips and tricks to manage stress and workload.”

“Thank you for a professional and stimulating presentation.”

“I enjoyed the interactive nature of the training. I enjoyed meeting new people and bonding over common thoughts and challenges. I liked the mindset shift it has created in me as a person and clinician.”

“Learning different types of strategies to be able to implement with daily practice settings.”

“Fantastic! I feel like I can implement many of the strategies discussed.”

“Engaging. Opportunity for self-reflection. Relatable. Great time management. Did not drag on.”

“Amazing presentation, very insightful and well presented.”

“It increased my awareness and ability to self-evaluate and manage. Made me aware of warning signs of stress in colleagues.”

“A VERY beneficial training day!!”

“Sharing experiences and learning from others. Practicing mindfulness.”

“Very relevant to leadership in health.”

“Emphasis on how you can help yourself/build on your existing strengths.”


“I wish to applaud the magic that you sprinkle and please know that I gained an enormous amount from the session and will definitely apply it to practice!”

“A great tool box to take back and implement.”

“Useful information was provided. Not too much unhelpful theoretical knowledge. Good forum for people to discuss their experiences.”

“It was great. Applicable, enlightening and well organised.”

“This was an amazing workshop and I definitely took away some valuable home messages that I can now implement in my personal and professional life!”

“I have really enjoyed both of the trainings I have attended (MI + professional resilience). Thanks for all your knowledge + expertise!!!!”

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Additional training that can be presented in the workplace:

Professional supervision training for senior staff/managers and leaders

Professional supervision is very much about the relationship between the supervisor and their employee or practitioner in training. The supervisor provides guidance and direction of the work required by their employee/practitioner in training and helps to enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence through constructive and positive feedback on job performance and decision making, as well as through the practice of skills and learning from experience.

Supporting employees/practitioners in training with quality supervision is a worthy investment for any organisation. It provides sustainable and ethical practice and is an important part of an employer’s duty of care. This includes supporting staff to prevent work-related harm to the employee/practitioner in training’s mental health and wellbeing. With increasing demands on staff, professional supervision provides the necessary support to help staff handle stress appropriately.

The benefits of professional supervision are vast. A supportive relationship increases job satisfaction and work commitment, as well as increases staff’s confidence, motivation and productivity. Professional supervision can also help to reduce staff burn out, presenteeism, absenteeism and staff turnover. As result, clients/patients who utilise the service will receive effective and efficient service and quality health care.

What do previous participants say about our half day and one day training in professional supervision?

Liked the most…”Examples; opportunities for care; comfortable and safe working workshop environment.”

“The scenarios and discussion and the models; very professional presentation.”

“The useful and practical application of information; I better understand the purpose of and my role in supervision and how to make it ‘better and more effective’.”

“Different modes of education; interaction with peers; clearly presented examples; regular breaks/checking in re comfort by the presenter.”

“Appropriate case studies; excellent detail.”

“Very full day. I liked that we covered a lot of information that is very relevant. No time was wasted.”

“Gave me strategies to use going forward.”


“Helpful tips about ‘keeping the conversation going’ in a non-judgemental way.”

“Stav was a great presenter.”

If you would like staff who supervise and lead to experience the same, and/or you would like further information about our professional supervision training in the workplace, please contact us today. Simply fill out the contact form to receive additional information and a free, no-obligation quote on your specific requirements.