Motivational Interviewing Training for Professionals

Learn how to engage your clients and motivate them towards change

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a unique process that explores and resolves ambivalence, and through motivational processes focuses on facilitating change amongst the individual.  This client-centred counselling approach can help diffuse anger, denial and resistance and can positively assist your clients towards behaviour change.

Take a look at our video below which introduces Stavroula Zandes, the Director of Health & Wellbeing Training Consultants. She highlights what motivational interviewing is, and in particular, briefly introduces why MI is so beneficial for both clinician and client as they journey together to explore ambivalence and achieve the client’s goal…

Want to learn more about what motivational interviewing is?

Then review our blog posts below. These articles are easy to read and summarise nicely the key principles of motivational interviewing which we present throughout our training day. The articles are as follows:

Our team works closely with staff to help strengthen their motivational interviewing skills, which will in turn encourage a positive behaviour change and help improve their client’s lifestyle. Our training in motivational interviewing is about helping people resolve their ambivalence that supports their own personal values and concerns. Motivational interviewing encourages and empowers clients for change rather than against change.

If you think staff within your organisation could benefit from training in this counselling process, speak to Health & Wellbeing Training Consultants today. We can provide a free, no-obligation quote, or discuss any queries you may have.

For further information about what our motivational interviewing training covers, please download our training outline below.

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Alternatively, if you or your staff would like to attend our online sessions in motivational interviewing, or you prefer to attend our face-to-face training programs (in Melbourne), please see below for all the training dates.

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2022 Training Dates:

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Want a brief introduction to motivational interviewing?

If you would like a brief introduction to motivational interviewing and would like to learn more about this approach in the comfort of your own home or office, then our webinar on motivational interviewing may be exactly what you need.

This webinar runs for approximately 40 minutes and was initially developed for, and in collaboration with Bupa, to support their nurses’ work in preventive health. It provides practical tips for all professionals (regardless of setting), who wish to enhance their communication and engagement skills when supporting staff and/or clients towards positive behaviour change.

If you would like further information about this webinar, including the cost, please click here for further details.

One Day Motivational Interviewing Refresher Training

An important part of professional development is follow up and application in the long term. This one day refresher provides further development and support to individuals who are already familiar with the key skills and principles of motivational interviewing.

If you are new to motivational interviewing, we encourage you attend our one or two day training program.

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Professional Development Outline PDF

What do previous participants say about our MI training?

“Very relevant. Stav’s presentation was excellent. I definitely will try to implement the skills I have learnt today.”

“The practical nature of the session and the structure, where I felt I was given ample opportunity to practice the skills I learnt with my fellow clinicians.”

“Lots of ideas and strategies to try using in clinic, especially for resistant/aggressive clients.”

“I loved this session today – it’s nothing I’ve ever done before. A great and simple approach which is doable.”

“Very engaging and motivating; practical and full of great examples.”

“Well delivered and inclusive. The presenter was vibrant and engaging. The training was broken down into easy, achievable steps. You didn’t feel overwhelmed with all the information.”

“Liked the common sense approach – it was practical and useful. I really enjoyed this.”

“The positive enthusiastic presenter – Stav you have inspired me. Thanks for all the positive stories and applications and information.”

“Liked the scenarios, and how applicable and relevant they were to each particular workplace.”

“Gave me confidence in using a different approach dealing with negative clients.”

“Liked the practical strategies we can use straight away. I really liked the pros/cons’ table and will definitely be using this.”

“Stav is a fantastic presenter – very engaging and energetic. Good variety of visual tools and information in the presentation. Very practical. Stav was very welcoming and open to questions/discussions.”

“Useful strategies for engaging resistant clients, particularly those who have relapsed.”

“Stav’s humour and passionate approach to training!”

“Easy to understand, entertaining, engaging and educational. Well balanced.”

“Stav was passionate, informative and engaging. Best ‘work’ training thing I’ve been to.”

“Stav’s expertise, engagement skills, knowledge and humour. It was a thoroughly wonderful learning opportunity, and I think that all health care providers be encouraged to complete this training.”

 “This was such a useful course. I’ve been using the techniques on everyone including myself. My favourite technique is asking my clients “What would you change in relation to…  if you had a magic wand?” I have used this twice with the same client to identify a very specific goal, and it’s been great.”

“Thank you for a great day.  I was very sceptical about motivational interviewing as you probably realised, it’s not my style, but I found the day fantastic.”

“Stav, thank you so much for all your information. I enjoyed the day so much, and I know it was for my professional life, but if I’m honest with myself, I also got so much out of it for my personal life as well. You are an amazing presenter!!!”

“This was the best health coaching training I have attended.”

“I just wanted to take the time today to reach out and express my gratitude for the MI training that you provided as part of the BKBM study. Integrating MI into my practice (and my daily life, apparently now without even realising it!) has truly transformed the way I practice as a dietitian, and I cannot thank you enough! I have started receiving some incredibly positive feedback from patients recently, and much of it I put down to significant changes in the way I now approach dietetic practice thanks to MI training.”

If you would like to learn more about our professional development training in motivational interviewing, please fill out our online contact form today, or call us on 03 8502 0006.

Alternatively, if you or your staff would like to attend our one day training in motivational interviewing at the Docklands (in Melbourne), please click here for all the details.