Programs for Workplace and Corporate Professionals

There is good evidence that participation in health and wellbeing programs help to improve the health of individuals and their overall wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing programs offered in the workplace improve staff morale and relationships, and increase productivity, work fulfilment and staff engagement.

Other benefits include a reduction in stress, staff absenteeism, as well as the potential financial burden to the organisation through sick leave and staff turnover.

Health & Wellbeing Training Consultants Pty Ltd provides the corporate and workplace sector with a range of workshops to motivate and encourage employees to make positive and long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Our workshops provide easy-to-use behaviour change strategies that guide the individual to action and incorporate group activities specific to the participants’ needs. The workshops are delivered onsite, at your premises.

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Our packages vary in duration from two hours to one day to two days training in smoking cessation (only). Depending on your needs or your organisation’s requirements, we can tailor our packages to suit your staff and organisation – shorter sessions can also be delivered upon request.

Topics for Workplace and Corporate Professionals

Additional workshop/programs that can be presented:

  • how to achieve a healthier work-life balance
  • 6 week quit smoking program
  • 8 week health and wellbeing program

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Quit smoking 6 week program

This program is presented over 6 weeks with each session of the program running for 1 – 2 hours (depending on the availability of staff, the timing of the session is flexible.)

Over 6 weeks, the program explores addiction and smoking behaviour, various challenges of quitting, such as stress, weight gain and managing alcohol without smoking, as well as quitting smoking methods and medications, relapse prevention, electronic cigarettes and support services available.

Throughout the 6 session program, participants will be asked to reflect on their own challenges to quitting and potential triggers to start smoking again. Effective strategies to deal with these concerns will be explored and identified within the group. There will be many opportunities in the sessions for reflection and review, with non-threatening group discussion and activities incorporated throughout the program.

Health and wellbeing 8 week program

The health and wellbeing 8 week program consists of two half day workshops focusing on good health and wellbeing, and an additional 6 follow up sessions over an 8 weeks’ duration (one week apart).

This program explores personal habits and general lifestyle concepts, and includes planning and goal setting to help participants improve their quality of life and their overall health and wellbeing.

In both the half-day workshops, a range of behaviour change strategies will be shared that are easy to use and practical to help participants take action and ultimately improve their quality of life and their overall health and wellbeing.

Following the half day workshops, a follow up session of one and a half hours duration will be provided on a weekly basis for 6 weeks.

These sessions will be based on reviewing and discussing specific content and/or providing further detailed information, including practical tips and strategies. This will be dependent on the groups’ needs, with the presenter responding in a flexible way to the groups’ requests.

The sessions will also largely focus on group discussion/feedback/sharing of experiences on relevant exercises and activities. In particular, attention will focus on each individual’s personal goals, their action plan and the steps they plan to implement to achieve their health and wellbeing objective/s. This will help to further facilitate behaviour change amongst the group members as well as encourage group members to share their ideas and support each other with some of the challenges/hurdles they may be facing.

If you would like further information on our quit smoking program and/or health and wellbeing program, please contact us for further details.

What do previous participants say about our workshops?

One of the workshop participants was adamant that he wasn’t going to quit smoking – but by the end, he had committed to cutting down.

Other testimonials include:

  • “Very well delivered – relevant information and practical strategies to implement; learning new strategies and practicing them.”
  • “Awesome – great/approachable workshops.”
  • “Excellent course and I have implemented a lot of ideas into planning my quit day.
  • “Felt very positive and focused at the end of each workshop.”
  • “Motivating, relaxed and informative.”
  • “Thanks to Stav, a wonderful program that really gets you excited to quit.”
  • “Great evidence-based presentation.”
  • “Stav was very helpful, gave us lots of strategies.”
  • “Fun approach; great energy.”
  • “Very engaging! Great practical advice.”
  • “Fun approach. Motivation, teamwork and relaxed sessions.”
  • “Getting together with colleagues about something non-work related; bonding with other staff; getting to know one another on a more personal level.”
  • “Stav was so engaging, passionate and knowledgeable.”
  • “(Thankful) that we were provided with this opportunity by … (their workplace).”
  • “Stav was a fantastic facilitator, very engaging and inspiring. Stav has given me the tools to finally quit forever!”
  • “It would be great to have this more often. A refresher course would be great.”