Training for Education Professionals

Young people’s wellbeing is a reflection of how connected they feel to their family, school and community. Although family is vital to a young person’s wellbeing, both the school and community setting play a significant role in developing a young person’s mental and physical health, and overall wellbeing (Victorian Auditor-General’s Report, 2010).

Schools can make important contributions to a young person’s health and wellbeing by recognising and assisting students with risk taking behaviours and encouraging them to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Through their own personal development, school staff can also use their own experience, skills and motivation to become powerful role models for good health (NASBE, 2004).

Furthermore, there is strong evidence that professionals participating in smoking cessation training increase their smoking cessation skills, knowledge and confidence. They are more likely to engage in the smoking conversation with their clients and by doing so, the benefits are positive – their clients make more attempts to quit or cut down (Carson et al 2012).

Health & Wellbeing Training Consultants Pty Ltd provides a range of health and wellbeing training sessions for education professionals to support the ‘behaviour change’ conversation with students as part of routine practice.

We also offer seminars for students in secondary school, focusing on health and wellbeing (generic session), as well as a separate seminar on peers and smoking.

Our packages vary in duration from two hours to one day to two days training in smoking cessation (only). Depending on your needs or your school’s requirements, we can tailor our packages to suit you and your staff – shorter sessions can also be delivered upon request. We deliver the training onsite, at your school.

Training Topics for Schools and Education Professionals