The Benefits

Investing in professional training and development

The benefits of professional training and development are vast.

Employees who participate in professional training and development, strengthen their skills, knowledge and expertise.

They feel more equipped to take up opportunities, their knowledge gaps are filled, and as a result, their confidence and productivity increases.

Benefits of health & wellbeing programs

There is evidence that having good health and wellbeing helps to reduce overall stress and helps to boost productivity in the community and workplace.

There is also strong evidence that offering health and wellbeing programs in the workplace and community helps to improve the health of individuals and their overall wellbeing. Benefits include an improvement in morale and relationships, increased productivity and work fulfillment, as well as reduced staff absenteeism.

Definition of good health & wellbeing

Being in good health means more than just being free from illness or disease. While being physically healthy is the first step to good health, good mental health and social wellbeing are also necessary. It means that to be in good health, individuals need to take care of their bodies, their minds and emotions, and pay attention to their lifestyles and surroundings.

Put simply, wellbeing can be described as judging life positively and feeling good, developing as a person, being fulfilled and making a contribution to the community.

Improve mental health

Health and wellbeing also includes mental health, and affects every aspect of an individual’s life – how clearly they think and how positive they are emotionally. It affects relationships, achievements and one’s resilience to stress – how one copes with life’s challenges can make a difference to an individual’s overall health and wellbeing.