Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Webinar

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Webinar


This webinar is ideal for ALL professionals who wish to support and encourage positive behaviour change amongst their staff and/or clients using the principles of motivational interviewing.

The ultimate aim of motivational interviewing is for the client to present the arguments for positive behaviour change, and to reflect on what their future might look like if they did, or did not make the desired change.

This webinar was initially developed for, and in collaboration with Bupa, to support their nurses' work in preventive health. It provides practical tips however, for all professionals (regardless of setting), who wish to enhance their communication and engagement skills when supporting staff and/or clients towards positive behaviour change.

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Product Description

Do you want to…

  • learn about motivational interviewing – what it is and what it can do for you, your staff and/or clients?
  • learn practical tips to gain client rapport quickly and effectively?
  • learn how to tailor your response according to your client’s stage of change?
  • learn about empathy and how to support your client’s self-confidence?
  • learn how to explore and resolve a client’s ambivalence, and prepare them for change rather than against change?
  • learn how to give information and advice without preaching?

Then this webinar is for you!

It is ideal for professionals who wish to learn about motivational interviewing, and who would like some practical skills and communication tips to help them engage in the behaviour change conversation efficiently, and effectively.

Training Summary/Outline

The webinar is presented as a video recording of Stavroula Zandes, the Director of Health & Wellbeing Training Consultants. It runs for 41 minutes and is supported by a number of resources.

This webinar will provide you with an introduction to motivational interviewing. It includes the following content:

  • the important role you play in engaging/starting the behaviour change conversation effectively
  • how to quickly assess an individual’s readiness to change through the transtheoretical model of behaviour change
  • how to tailor your communication approach based on your client’s stage of change
  • an introduction of the key principles of motivational interviewing, including practical tips to put MI into practice
  • how to subtly develop discrepancy, and explore and resolve the client’s ambivalence to strengthen their motivation for change
  • how to give information/support/advice the motivational interviewing way

If you would like further information on what motivational interviewing is and what it can do for your practice, please read our previous posts on this topic.

About The Trainer

Stavroula Zandes, Director

Stavroula has a background in psychology and counselling, and worked with the Cancer Council Victoria (Quit Victoria) for 20 years in tobacco control. Her roles initially included Quitline telephone counsellor, and as a Quit Educator running seminars for smokers in the workplace and community setting.

During her time at the Cancer Council, she also managed and delivered Quit’s training programs to a range of health and community professionals across Australia. As a result, Stav has trained thousands of professionals from various sectors… Her relationships with these organisations and Educators, inspired her to establish ‘Health & Wellbeing Training Consultants’ to continue to provide education and training in an area that she is deeply passionate about – people’s health and wellbeing.

We are the perfect solution for your training and professional development needs, and look forward to working with you to help improve your confidence, knowledge and skills in supporting clients towards positive change.

Read Stav’s full bio here.

What are consumers saying about this webinar?

  • “Completing this online module was so very insightful. Stav was able to draw on so many topics that I learned in my Masters!”
  • “Short and sweet. A wonderful introduction to motivational interviewing that highlights the essential skills and principles to encourage conversation and support behaviour change in a positive way.”
  • “Very engaging with some great practical examples too. Thank you Stav!”


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