With Christmas day quickly approaching, the social festivities and parties are truly in full swing.

With numerous social events on offer, there is plenty of food and drink to tempt even the strongest amongst us.

But how do you get through this time without overindulging and without putting on some weight? Is it even possible to get through this period without a few extra kilos?

Depending on your goals and mindset, you can survive the silly season.

Here are 3 tips that can help:

1. Plan ahead

Think about which events you will and won’t attend. It’s okay to NOT accept every invitation; after all, it is one of the busiest times of the year…

Before you arrive, think about what you will and won’t eat. Choose healthy options and if possible, eat from a small plate.

Fill your plate with more vegetable based snacks and avoid if you can, the fatty, sugary and salty foods which are loaded with calories.

Also think about how much you will be drinking. There are many hidden calories in both soft drinks and in alcohol, so be prepared to say ‘no’.

Alternate your drinks with water and this will help you drink less. If you think you will be drinking a little too much alcohol, then offer to be the designated driver.

2. Practice mindfulness

Focus on the conversations you’re having with your loved ones and colleagues – you’re there to catch up and socialise.

Practice mindfulness by giving your full attention to the present moment – to the person you’re speaking with without your mind wandering about what you’re going to eat or drink next.

If you’re not having as a good time as you had hoped for, excuse yourself and mingle with others, or worst case scenario leave early. It’s much better to leave early than to be overindulging, and regretting it later.

3. Keep active

Try and do some form of physical activity every day to increase your metabolism. This will help burn off some of those extra calories you may be consuming.

Don’t have time to exercise? Wake up early and go for a short walk.

Keep moving throughout the day, adding incidental exercise into your daily activities.

It’s better to be doing something during this tempting time, than to not be doing any exercise at all.

Be consistent with healthy choices

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight can be achieved during the silly season. The key is to be consistent with the choices you make every day.

Choose to eat healthy nutritious and filling foods and eat slowly – you’re less likely to go for seconds or overindulge.

And don’t forget to exercise – your overall health and wellbeing will thank you for it.

Until next time wishing you all great health and wellbeing and an enjoyable silly season – in moderation!

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